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From time to time, we all struggle.

Relationships, work, family and life in general
can sometimes feel overwhelming.

young man What type of concerns or issues can counselling help you with?
- Relationship concerns; family, partners, children, parenting concerns
- Work related experiences
- Intense Feelings such as loneliness, sadness, frustration
- Experiences of anxiety, depression
- Alcohol and drug use concerns by you or someone you care about
- Mental health concerns
- Chronic illness
- Grief
- Sexual abuse history
- Trauma history
- Communication difficulty

lifeworkbalanceWorkshop Presentations
- Family Systems & Addictions
- Anticipatory, Natural, Complicated, Disenfranchised Grief
- Understanding Families & their Grief
- Comfort with Disclosure in Complex Care
- Grief & the Health Care Professional
- Vicarious traumatization; what does it mean?
- Living with Chronic Illness

What to Expect

1. Confidentiality
We respect your privacy and confidentiality. Information will not be shared with other persons without your written consent. There are limits to confidentiality in certain situations that we are by law, obligated to disclose. The mandatory reporting situations are if you threaten harm to another person or yourself, if you have any information regarding the abuse or neglect of a child or vulnerable adult, or if a court subpoenas records. Exceptions to confidentiality will be discussed with you in your initial session. Your file will be maintained in a locked location.

path2. Questions or Concerns
You have the right to ask questions about the counselling process

3. 24 Hour Cancellation Policy 
If you are not able to keep the appointment 24 hours’ notice is required or you will be responsible for a late cancellation fee. This is due to the fact that you have been guaranteed a therapeutic session and that timeframe is not available to anyone else.

4. Termination
Terminations of sessions occur for a number of reasons which include that you have attained what you need; it may be a joint agreement between your therapist and you, or you may decide to take a break. You have the right to terminate therapy sessions without obligations other than the costs accrued.

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